Artist Biography

Sally O’Neill is an artist and art educator based in Goulburn NSW. O’Neill studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts (now Art and Design) at the University of New South Wales in 2010. Following four years working in Early Childhood, she then undertook studies in Nursing and completed a Diploma in Business Management.

Combining both her passions for art making and working with young people, O’Neill has found her niche at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery. Employed as Education Officer in 2013, she has spent the past seven years planning and delivering a high quality education program for all ages. She has extensive experience dellivering a broad range of art making workshops for children and adults which are always in high demand.


Among her artistic achievements, she won first place in acrylics section at The Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Award in 2019 and held a solo exhibition in 2020 at M16 Artspace under the Regional Initiative. O'Neill is a finalist in the John Cope's Portrait Prize 2020 at Bowral Art Gallery and Fisher's Ghost Art Prize 2020, Contemporary Section at Campbelltown Arts Centre. She is currently completing work on a large scale mural of Children's Literature characters at Crookwell Public School due for completion in January 2021.

O’Neill works from her home studio, under watchful eye of her two cats, Maggie and Patrick, who often feature in her paintings. Her current practice is a blend of work for exhibition, private commission work and work for sale through local business Something Special. Her most recent works include a series of self-portraits exploring personal and shared narratives.

Artist Statement

Self-portraiture has provided access back into my painting practice as an emerging artist. Recovering my painting skills has been like riding a bike for the first time in 20 years; a frustrating yet satisfying experience, where I understand the theory in principle, but my brain and body have forgotten. The subject matter has also afforded me time to navigate personal narratives to find my artistic voice and self-identity. In ‘There’s nothing to see here’ I depict myself performing the imperative, yet mundane daily rituals such as feeding my cats and eating dinner. I have realised that I spend an extraordinary amount of time in these moments, and that these seemingly unimportant habits are somehow discreetly yet significantly, contributing to building self. Through my work I hope to give the mundane new emphasis, compelling my audience to consider the value of the ordinary in their own lives. My personal narrative therefore, is a shared experience; a contemporary story.

Artist CV


2010       Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Painting/Drawing, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales



2005       November, Regional HSC Visual Arts Major Works Exhibition, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

2008       November, Annual Graduate Exhibition, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales

2010       June, Taralga Art Show

2013       June, Taralga Art Show

2014       June, Taralga Art Show

               October, The Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Prize

2015       October, The Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Prize

2016       June, Taralga Art Show

               October, The Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Prize

2017       April, The Jug Show, Helen Stephens Gallery, Collector

               June, Taralga Art Show

               October, The Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Prize

2018       June, Taralga Art Show

                October, The Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Prize

               November, What’s in the Kitchen?, Helen Stephens Gallery, Collector

2019       April, Birds and their Habitats, Helen Stephens Gallery, Collector

               June, Taralga Art Show

               October, The Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Prize



2020       March-April, There's Nothing to See Here, M16 Artspace, Griffith, Canberra

2016       August-November, Chasing Cloud 9, 98 Chairs, Goulburn



2014       June, People’s Choice Award, Taralga Art Show

2015       March 2015 1st & 2nd Prizes, Goulburn Show

2016       October, 2nd Prize in Section ‘other’, The Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Prize

2019       October, Winner in section ‘Acrylics’, The Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Prize

2020       September, Finalist, John Cope's Portrait Prize, Bowral Art Gallery

               November, Finalist, Fisher's Ghost Art Prize, Contemporary Section, Campbelltown Art Centre



2020       March- June, acting Programs Producer- Children & Families, National Gallery of Australia

2011       October- October 2013, Arts Program coordinator, Goodstart Early Learning

2013       November- present, Education Officer, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

2014       September, two week Mentorship, National Centre of Creative Learning at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Photography by Peter Oliver Imagery.

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